taking a series of single pictures over a period of time and then putting them together to show the action happening very quickly



Taking all of my research, tips, and trips over a long period of time (years of learning and travelling) and putting it together to show you very quickly how to have the best photographic travels of your life! 

About Me

Hi, My Name Is Kendall

I’m a self-taught travel and landscape photographer based in London, England. I grew up in Missouri, USA and found my love of travel by going on family road trips – where we eventually visited all 50 States! My goal now is to visit all of the European countries and share my journey along the way.

The Traveller’s Timelapse was born out of my passion for sharing breathtaking moments with people. I’ve found such joy in giving trip recommendations or having a photo inspire my friends and family to travel. This platform is my opportunity to share these things with YOU, in the hope that you find your own joy in your adventures and feel inspired to capture your own beautiful photographic memories.

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